Preventative Maintenance :

Our goal at MasterTech Automotive is to provide you with peace of mind that your

car's maintenance is up to date, so you can drive knowing you are safe and your vehicle is


Well maintained vehicles run smoother, are safer, more reliable and get better gas

mileage all while extending the lifespan of your car.

Being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE to potential car problems saves you time

and money and frustration with having your vehicle break down.

MasterTech specializes in preventative maintenance along with repairs on all systems of

your vehicle.

Maintenance recommendations are tailored to your type of driving , miles driven each

month or year and what your vehicle is used for each day.

FREE Pitstop: All customers can stop by at anytime to have us check their oil or

other vital fluids, wiper blades, lights and battery test.

Our full service lube, oil and filter change also includes a 27 point check over of your

vehicle so we can alert you of any future problems.

Replacement of your wiper blades should be done every six months due to the snow,

ice and excessive heat that your car encounters. We recommend you change them every

time we have to change the clocks which just happens to coincide with spring and winter


Proper maintenance will allow you to drive your vehicle for 250,000-300,000 miles

before replacement.

Services - Regular Maintenance